Rio 2016 info and safety in Brazil

rio 2016 and safety

Here we are, Rio de Janeiro, Olympic games 2016, the eyes of the world are on it. The Seven Network will only air the Rio Olympic as well as  Paralympic Games, providing the most complete, technologically sophisticated, multi-platform coverage of the Games to all Australians.

Seven additionally becomes the first commercial network to air the Paralympic Games in Australia from 8-19 September 2016.

TVs coverage of the Olympic Games contains the free broadcast television and subscription television rights, Hybrid Broadband Broadcast Television and on-line. Seven has additionally ensured radio broadcasting rights.

That’s- the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympic Games in addition to two versions of the Youth Olympic Games in 2016 and 2018.

rio2016 mascotttOver the coming decade, Seven will unify the country’s Olympic heart through the associated and advanced Olympic coverage.

An extremely stern entrance program is administered by the Brazilian Government if you don’t comply with entrance requirements and you’re likely to be refused entry upon arrival.

Your passport must be valid for the whole period of your stay.

You are going to require a visa in case you are traveling outside of the dates of the visa waiver. Advice about submitting an application for a visa from within Australia is only available on the Brazil Embassy site.



The Federal Police of Brazil is responsible for the border control of Brazil.
General info on the entrance and exit requirements of Brazil are available in the travel guidance for Brazil.

Due to the recent incidents in Brazil related to safety, like to one happened to Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping, in the north of Brazil, it’s of paramount importance for the Police to make sure that everything goes well, as well as making sure that this is not going to affect people enjoyment and fun.

Security is among the larger problems for girls in Brazil let’s get that one out of the way.

To make certain things had not changed much I checked with other people that came here on holiday in the recent months and spent much of their time traveling across the state, making sure we included their input signal.

copacabanaThere’s lots of violent crime in Brazil, like rape (much of it unreported); in Brazil a girl is attacked every 15 seconds and the state ranks among the top ten for maximum speed of violence against women world-wide. Some newspapers have named Brazil the #2 worst state for girls; it is only second to India.

Other offenses do occur while sexual assaults get the most volume.

The counter-risk options teams assigned to the job worked diligently to make intelligence reports focused on activist risks to business and industry in many different sectors. These were including energy, retail and finance and targeting particular businesses to record upcoming demonstrations activities against various goals alongside evaluations affecting the amount of turnout, strategies, goals, active organizations and degree of interruption; and were finally able to identify people or groups intending to perpetrate unlawful action.

So stay safe and make sure you travel following the right safety precautions. Have fun!

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