Do you need to move to a coworking space ?

coworking space

What is a coworking space?

Well instead of telling you what it is I’m going to tell you what it offers…
It offers productivity gains, flexibility, networking opportunities, and much more. Let’s have a look at whether you might reap the benefits of it and what coworking is.
“Coworking” is a common word that’s usually used to describe any scenario in which two or more individuals are working in exactly the same place together, but not for the exact same firm.

Rather than working remotely in places or different offices, telecommuters, independent professionals, and others that have the skill to work from anyplace share one working surroundings. This can be sometimes temporary or for regular full time workers, depending on your own inclinations.
I’ve been offered the chance to review the Aeona coworking space in Sydney, which offers a simple, clear-cut definition of coworking space.


Costs of a coworking space

coworking 2Since you pay a monthly or yearly membership for a common office as opposed to a long term lease, you can usually upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. If your company contracts or grows, you can add or remove space as needed.
With occasions for mingling an open floor plan, co-working spaces allow for simple networking. Clark says many of his members locate work through fellow coworkers, along with a talent pool satisfied to small business owners needing to add employees.

With office spaces that are common, there’s no need to do an expensive move. For example, a shipping company will go into leading high rises, taking out a complete floor, furnish it, reinvent the design, and turn it into separately leased offices. “You rent by the office, but it’s not only a carton.” Bring your computer, and you’re great to go. In Aeona I’ve been able to find and meet 3 business owners, an SEO agency, a video production company, and a migration consultancy company.


Coworking space styles

coworking space sydneyCo-working is a style of work that calls for a common working environment where people that have workplace flexibility and independent professionals work better together than they do individually. It isn’t only about the actual place, but also about creating the co-working community that takes companies and entrepreneurs a long way into realizing their goals.

If we want to find a problem in regards to coworking space, we can say that the biggest one is that coworking spaces are not for free 😉 . However, it is not more expensive than leasing your own office. You can even rent a desk at a coworking space by the day or by the hour, the same rule is valid for boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Another disadvantage of coworking spaces are the one you would have working in your own office with 5 or 10 more people: Gaps from others, sound, and less privacy, you might also have the same sorts of distractions. Consider your character and work style before you move to a coworking. Overall it keeps being a great way to start sharing ideas and networking with new people/businesses.

Happy coworking everybody!!!

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